Writing Assignment 3 – Query Letter

For this assignment the class had to research a publication, whether a newspaper, magazine, or website and formulate a query letter to the editor of the publication. We were tasked to write as though we were freelance writers who wished to contribute to the company with a feature article on any topic or event of our choosing.

I chose to write to Elle magazine because I love fashion, and fashion magazines are so editorial and artistic that it is hard to not want to be a part of a project like that. The feature of my article would the upcoming Charleston Fashion Week to be held in Charleston, SC March 19-23, 2013. This is an event that began in 2007 and has bloomed into a must-see occasion where local designers display their talent and hard work to world-renowned critics and fashion writers. There is also a model search competition during the five-night event.

My spin on CFW would be to focus on the changing demographics of Charleston. Although there are still cobblestone streets and horse-drawn carriages throughout the city, it is quickly emerging as a young, hipster location where all styles and tastes are welcomed and thrown into a melting pot of eclectic culture.

While I am not an accomplished writer now, I thought that an assignment like CFW would be a fun thing to do. To get to explore a charming southern city through the eyes of a youthful, artistic community would surely be a welcome task.


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