The first time is toughest

So, I finally finished my video feature and I must say I am proud of myself.

I took a behind the scenes look at Givens Performing Arts Center. First, I interviewed executive director, Patricia Fields. She gave an excellent off-the-cuff speech about the history of GPAC and its importance in bringing the arts to the university and the community. Then there was assistant director, David Thaggard. He is responsible for researching and booking the various broadway shows that come to GPAC as they travel up and down the east coast.

I also interviewed Tasha Oxendine, director of marketing. During our talk she imparted to me bits of wisdom on techniques for shooting and editing my video, which I greatly appreciated considering Ms. Oxendine was once a news reporter for WBTW in South Carolina.

Editing was fun. I used Window Movie Maker to piece together my footage, insert pictures and add music. Once it was complete, I uploaded my video to the class YouTube page ( Hopefully everyone will get to see it during Friday’s class.

This was a great learning experience, getting to shoot and edit a video. I definitely learned a lot and have something else to add to my résumé.


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