Video Feature – Phase 1

In my previous post I talked about interning at Givens Performing Arts Center and using that experience as a basis for my video feature project. I am in the process of creating a script for my video in which I outline how the video will flow and what talking points will be featured.

While this may seem like a not-so-difficult task, I tend to be an overthinker. So, it is taking me a little longer than some of my classmates. Also, take into consideration this is the first time I have ever done anything like this.

My plan for the video feature is to interview various people that work at GPAC, students, and hopefully people from the community about the work that goes into getting Broadway shows to UNC Pembroke and the impact that has on the campus and surrounding community. I will begin shooting video in the upcoming week, which will give me an opportunity to possibly interview those attending the annual champagne gala before the first Broadway and More Series show, Smokey Joe’s Cafe. Hopefully they will be willing to talk about the importance of GPAC and the arts for the region.

Fingers crossed.


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